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Why is my blog called Are We Crazy, Or What? (We are now Self Reliant School by Are We Crazy, Or What?)

We (my husband and I) truly drive down the street and ask ourselves if we are crazy. In part because we are painfully concerned about the earth and her resources and see that most people are not and wonder why? Is it us? Are we that crazy? Other times we get ideas (some good, some bad) in our heads that lead us to question our sanity. So you be the judge as to whether or not we are crazy……….:) Hopefully, you’ll find something useful here. We’d love to hear comments and concerns as well variations on projects we've blogged about. A lot of the time when I’m researching something or learning something online the best information is in the comments.



Me: It is clear to everyone who knows me that I am not normal. My (extended) family lovingly calls me eccentric. Of course my children think of their life as normal not knowing any better. I wonder how long I’ve got before they find out? I live in a world of extremes. I tend to walk on the edge of what society deems “normal”. I home school, I follow a plant-based diet, I make my own bread daily and I’m trying to put a dent in my grocery bill by growing a lot of my own food. Each of these individually does not put me on the fringe but put them all together and I have a pretty crazy life.

My boys:I have three boys who keep me teetering on the edge of sanity. They also pull me to that edge of normalcy. They teach me on a daily basis not to take myself too seriously, they try to teach me (most of the time unsuccessfully) the value of video games, and that screaming just for the sake of screaming is a great stress release. Also, they have showed me that on occasion laughing and goofing off is more important than work.

My husband:My husband is my rock. He keeps me grounded and without a doubt he is the person who keeps me from falling over the edge!



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