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51 Homemade Cleaners Plus Free Printable Labels~SelfReliantSchool.com

51 Homemade Cleaners Plus FREE Printable Labels

It’s that time of year again. The season we’re suppose to clean, even though we just cleaned everything for the holidays and the weather is so nice all we want to do is be outside. Can you tell I’m not much of a spring cleaner? Actually, I’m not a great housekeeper. I have my reasons. The […]

How To Make Orange Soda At Home - Plus Orange Cream Soda~SelfReliantSchool.com

How To Make Orange Soda At Home – Plus Orange Cream Soda

Let me start with a confession: I really don’t like orange soda. It’s always tasted too artificial to me. I love orange juice, however, and after my recent post about making your own grape soda I figured there had to be a similar way to make orange soda. I tried a few different recipes, each […]

SunBell Solar Lamp and Phone Charger Review~SelfReliantSchool.com

SunBell Solar Lamp and Phone Charger Review

As a frequent camper, I’ve gone through more portable lights than I can count over the past 30ish years. Propane lanterns put out plenty of light, but they’re heavy, fragile, and not really something you want to use indoors or in a small tent. Candle lanterns are very portable and can be used just about […]

10 Plus Herbal Tea Infusions~SelfReliantSchool.com

10 Plus Herbal Tea Infusions

I’ve never been much of a soda drinker, but I love coffee! If I could I would drink nothing but coffee, morning, noon and night. However, as I get old my body just can’t handle the caffeine, and decaffeinated coffee, well… if you’re a coffee lover you know the rest. So these days I drink […]

Book Review: The Survival Savvy Family~SelfReliantSchool.com

Book Review: The Survival Savvy Family

I don’t do a lot of book reviews. It’s simple mathematics; there are 24 hours in a day, and I spend 16 of them teaching, writing or mothering. It’s really rare for me to get the chance to read a book, so needless to say when I do get the chance it better be good. […]